Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Operation BirdHouse

So I bought a Bird House kit from Walmart last week during my adventures in grocery shopping. It was only $10 and it came with all it needed to be put together and decorated. Which was really only the little wooden pieces for the house, paint, and a paintbrush. Don't need glue or nails or screws or anything. It comes with little wooden pegs that make the pieces fit together (although not without a small battle to force them together). Perfect child occupier for at least an hour. Maybe more. I can't remember how long Lydia and I worked on this one.
I used to be the type of parent that said "Lydia/Alanna... watch mommy while I do this" and I'd hog up all the fun. Because, well, I don't know. Just because I'm weird and I can't help it. Alanna's Wild Rumpus Vest was the first project that I didn't try and do myself. I know.... smack the back of my hand with a ruler and call it a day.
Von BirdHousen though.... I did my side, and Lydia did hers. I even let her add some to mine. Which, let me tell you, was a big accomplishment for me... I'm a perfectionist. Just sayin. And I was fairly surprised at how well she did with the paint. She dipped it in water and paint and wiped it off with the papertowel before changing colors like a champ. Apparently purple was her favorite.
It was fun. It's kind of a dreary day outside. Gray clouds, lots of skeeters and black flies (which I still think are gnats, but everyone tells me there's a difference)... not very conducive to funness if you ask me. So we had to make our own fun for the day. Even with all the splashing and mixing of colors it's still really cute. She takes after her mama in the artistic ability department.
Operation BirdHouse: Mission Successful.

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