Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bieber Fever

::hangs head::

Crow really doesn't taste very well.

My sister and I took our kids to go see Never Say Never with Justin Bieber yesterday.

Let me tell you that before this movie, I thought he was THE MOST annoying, over-rated teenybopping boy in the entire world.

BEFORE I watched the movie.

I must say, I am now a Justin Bieber fan.

I know I KNOW. What in the world is wrong with me right? Seriously though, this kid is amazing. He was the most adorable little boy and to see him bangin on those drums THAT GOOD when he was barely out of diapers was unbelievable. And he really can sing. Not only that but he's a sweet kid. And HOW MANY PERFORMERS do you see praying ALL THE TIME and MEANING it. Not throwing God at the end of a long list of thank yous. But really thanking Him and meaning every word of that thanks.

Bottom line. Kid is talented. He still sounds WAY too young, but he doesn't bug me anymore. The movie has turned me.

Monday, February 7, 2011

I'd Like To Thank The Academy

Yay! I got my first ever Blog Award from Alison at One Lucky Monkey! Too cool. Thanks Alison!

1. Thank and link back to the person who send you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact the bloggers you picked and let them know about the award


Hmmm.... 7 things about myself...
1. I'm a glutton for punishment. The hotter the buffalo sauce... the better (and I love me some buffalo sauce).
2. I'm great with accents. I annoy the people around me with them, but I'm awesome at them. Any accent. Really.
3. I had to learn how to french braide (braid?) by watching YouTube videos. And apparently I still do it wrong. My french braids look more like corn rows. OOps. Oh well, They're cute. Totally learned how to do a fishtail braid (braide?) on YouTube as well.
4. My (not so secret) ambition at one point was to be a comedienne (glad I didn't follow through with that one aren't you?).
5. Photoshop is my friend.
6. I like to bake. Cookies. Cakes. Pies. Brownies. I'm the type of friend that will make you fat.
I've got 8 earrings and 8 tattoos. Hmm.... I'm too even. Must remedy that asap.


And the award goes to
1. Jan at The Simpler Life
2. Kandee - The Make-Up Artist
3. McVal at Sew Not My Day
4. Kimberley at Life With A Possum
5. Siobhan at Thoughts Of A Mad Hatter

Check them out!!

No really... you have to. Cuz I said so.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Travel Package

My girls are no strangers to long car rides. Or plane trips for that matter either.

Not saying that they like them. I mean, really.... who likes being stuck in a car for 12 hours (or 2 days if you can't drive the whole trip in one day)? Show of hands? No one? Me either.

You CAN make the trip less tiresome tedious completely and utterly horrible for them though. Will it alleviate all of the boredom and whines of "MOOOooom... are we THERE yet"? No. But it will help.

If you have one, a portable DVD player can be a life saver. Make sure if you're driving you have a car charger that you can plug in to your cigarette lighter. And bring about 10 movies. It's enough so that they don't have to watch the same movies over and over, but not enough to completely take over your vehicle. And my suggestion would be, make one of the movies a brand new one that your kids haven't ever seen before. Don't let them watch it right away. Keep it as a secret or a surprise. Wait until they're tired of the movies they've already watched and don't really want to do anything else, and then pull it out. It's easier for their attention to be held by something they don't already know every word to.

Some suggestions:
any Barbie movie
Finding Nemo
Care Bears
Wall E
Monsters Inc.
Alice In Wonderland
The Incredibles
Toy Story 1,2,3
Ice Age
Chicken Run

For older kids:
Mary Poppins
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Harry Potter
Chronicles of Narnia movies
Neverending Story

Aside from movies, bring books. I'd say pack a backpack full of age appropriate books for however many kids you're bringing with you. Maybe even some magazines as well, just to change things up a bit.

Coloring books. At least one for each child that you have with you. And honestly, I'd say bring each one their own set of crayons. It doesn't have to be a lot of crayons. Maybe just the eight-five cent small boxes you can pick up from Walmart or something. That way there's no fighting over coloring books and there's no fighting over crayons. You may even want to duplicate one or two coloring books that way if one likes a coloring book that someone else has, there's no screaming or crying over it. And again, doesn't have to be this big huge thing. You can buy tons of cute coloring books from the dollar store.

Toys. Bring some of their favorite toys. My girls love Barbies and My Little Ponies. On my recent trip down from Maine to Virginia I threw every pony that Lydia owned in a yellow bag and just handed her the bag when she got bored and she played with those things for hours.

Bring kid friendly music. They don't always want to listen to what you listen to. Now, my oldest memorized almost all of Emmy Rossum's songs as fast as I did, but not every kid is as eager to listen to grown up music.If you go to Amazon you can find a cute little CD called Car Ride Fun that's got a ton of old tried and true kids songs on it. It also, as always, has recommendations for a bunch of other CDs for car rides if that particular one isn't your cup of tea (or your kids' for that matter).

And I recommend bringing either one big cooler or two smaller coolers. If you have room. One for bottled water, juice, sodas, milks, etc. And the other is a real time/money saver. One cooler full of lunch meat, cheese, mayo... any kind of sandwich makings or fruit or yogurts. Saves you from having to stop unles ABSOLUTELY necessary (ie gas or the ever so troublesome potty breaks) and also saves you from having to spend money on fast food. It's readily available (I hate having to watch for exits to see which one has food my kids will eat) and even healthier (unless you make really bad for you sandwiches lol). Make sure you also pack some plastic silverware too. For sandwich making/yogurt eating. And don't forget snacks. Graham crackers are a favorite with my kids. Slim Jims (I know, I'm horrible, but they love them). Cheezits. Pretzels. Puffcorn (oh so yummy).

As an aside, if you're a driver who has trouble staying awake while you drive, or you've just been on the road for EVER and you're exhausted.... eat pretzels. If soda/red bull/monster/caffeine pills aren't working for you, eat pretzels. Or anything really. I prefer pretzels or cheezits, but we'll say pretzels for right now. Get the bags with the thin pretzel sticks and if you start feeling tired, just pick up one and take tiny bites off of it. Me, I bite off the salt, and then take small bites of the stick itself. LoL. I'm weird, but it helped me make my one and ONLY "straight through without stopping" trip from ME to VA. Nothing else worked. I could never figure out how my dad managed to always make such long road trips without stopping until I did it myself. Amazing, I'm telling you. Obviously make sure you have something to drink because pretzels will suck all of the moisture right out of your mouth, but still.

WELL, this has been a VERY lengthy post, and I apologize, but, hopefully I've given you some helpful tips to alleviate stress and boredom for EVERYONE.

Friday, February 4, 2011


My 3 year old fancies herself a comedian. And truth be told, she is quite the little joker. I'm surprised at her sense of humor. She's so young and yet... I don't know. It's hard to explain. I'll have to show you. :-)

Lydia: know how you say 'butt' in sign language?
Me: How?
Lydia: a-l-a-n-n-a

Lydia: I don't know how to put the juicebox in my mouth.
Alanna: it's simple.
Lydia: No it's ELMO.
Alanna: No, I said it's SIMPLE.
Lydia: NO. IT'S. ELMO.
Me: Sweetie she's saying it's easy.
Lydia: Oh.

Lydia: Hey I wanted milk!
Me: You mean 'thank you mom'?
Lydia: Thank you mom.
Me: You're very welcome.
Lydia: Can you get me some milk?

Mom: Tara, she's upsetting me.... she's talking to the refrigerator.
Me: No, she's talking to the magnet ON the refrigerator.
Lydia: I'm talking to my kitties and my puppies. That's who I'm talking to. Hi-5 frigerator!

Lydia: Justin Bieber's a MAN. He's not a human.
Alanna: You mean a woman?
Lydia: He's not a woman!

Lydia: Hey I can't see!
Me: No more computer for you tonight.
Lydia: But I want to see a picture of you ugly!
Lydia: I want to see a picture of you ugly with me.

Lydia: Do I have to go away?
Me: Do you want to sit at the counter?
Lydia: No, I want to go away.

Mom: Where's my computer?
Lydia: Where's the beef?

Lydia: Can I have a popsicle?
Me: Not right now.
Lydia: Please?
Me: Not right now, maybe after lunch.
Lydia: But I said please. You have to give me one because I said please.
Me: No I don't.
Lydia: Then I'm getting one anyway.

Lydia: Mim
Me: Who am I?
Lydia: You're Uncle Putz.
Lydia: You're still Uncle Putz

Lydia: (kisses my cheek)
Me: Thank you
Lydia; Wipe it off.
Me: Why?
Lydia: Cuz I don't like your eyes.
Me: You don't like my eyes?
Lydia: No.

Lydia: Say hi grandma Betty.
Me: .....
Lydia: Cuz you're a little pig, mama.
Me: .....
Lydia: What big EARS you have grandma. (Smacks self in face with little canvas purse

Lydia (looking at my arms): Mommy you have hair!
Me: Yes, I do.
Lydia: You need to shave it off or somethin'

Lydia: Mama say "knock knock"
Me: Knock knock.
Lydia: I can't come to the door, I'm naked.

Me: I love you.
Lydia: I want cake.
Me: I love you.
Lydia: I want cake.
Me: I Love You!!
Lydia: I love you too, but I want cake

Lydia: here's your money grandma.
Me: I'm not your freakin' grandma!
Lydia:.... here's your freakin' money grandma.
Me: Oops.

Lydia: Mommy you have a baby in your belly button.
Me: No Mommy's just fat.
Lydia: You're fat? No, you're just a wiggly worm