Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pink And Frilly

I am not. Just for the record.

But am I the only one? I've never been girly. Ever. Always been a tomboy.

Case and point, that's me on the left.... Fila shirt and breakaway pants with basketball shorts underneath...

In fact, the first and last spread of time that I routinely wore make up "oot and aboot" was the end of 8th grade through the beginning of 9th. I've had my nails done ONCE (as in acrylics), and only ever had 2 manicures (once with a broken finger due to a slapshot to my pinky playing roller hockey no less). NEVER gotten a pedicure. Not sure I want people touching my feet.

I don't think I've ever really had a "girls night out". I have yet to ever purposefully watch ANY of Sex in the City. I'm not interested in the slightest in Desperate Housewives. I don't read books abotu the struggles of motherhood or tips on empowering women. I learned how to french braid by watching videos on Youtube (I can now do a fishtail braid too... just sayin).

I don't own a curling iron or rollers. I can't even USE my hair dryer anymore because I kept it under my sink which, luckily for me (note sarcasm) decided to leak and got everything in the cabinet wet, and I prefer not being electrocuted when I'm going to dry my hair. The last dress I bought I believe, was in the 10th grade. And it was one I could wear tennis shoes with. In fact, the very first pair of heels I bought for myself? I wore to a memorial service and then gave away. I can't walk in them. My feet just won't let me.
It took me a while to realize that our kids are what we make them.

I didn't like frillies and lacey things. I wasn't a fan of pink. After about the 5th grade the thought of playing with Barbies made me nauseous. So my oldest dressed in shorts and tshirts. Or skorts that she could run and play in. She had flip flops and tennis shoes and wore her hair in a pony tail (remember, I JUST recently (circa 2008) learned how to french braid). And I recall mentioning here last month or the month before that for the longest time, I refused to let her touch ANYTHING Barbie.

I subconsciously (ok, so maybe a little bit on purpose) was trying to turn her in to a literal mini me. And she wasn't. She hated dirt. She was scared of bugs (even the cool ones with the flashy butts (yes, I know they're fireflies)) and caterpillars. She loved dolls and having her hair done (everything but the brushing). She constantly played with the glittery makeup that my neices had every time we went over there.

It took me a long time to remember that dresses don't make you prissy. Having your hair done doesn't either. You can paint your nails and it doesn't automatically make your fingers inoperable for anything but putting on makeup (which I still hate).

I had a little girl who wanted to be a ballerina (2 of them now). She liked wearing big poofy skirts and lots of costume jewelry (the only jewelry I've ever worn constantly were my wedding ring, earrings and (this doesn't really count, as it's not real jewelry) seashell necklaces).

I don't have to turn my kids into smaller versions of myself. I can still be a tomboy while dressing up my girls.

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