Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Candy Hearts and Paper Flowers

When you're a kiddo, the simplest things can turn in to treasures. Paper plates can be turned in to crowns of flowers, fluffy white clouds with streaming rainbows or frosty white snowmen. You can take a small paper bag and turn it in to a little leprechaun or a big paper bag and turn it into a colorful vest to parade around town in. There's a world of possibilities.

Supplies you might need for this world?

Paper plates. Glue. Glitter. Pipe cleaners. Feathers. Puffballs. Foam stickers. Tissue paper. Construction paper. Brown paper bags. Felt paper.

When Alanna was in Kindergarten, her class did a Wild Rumpus Parade around the school. Her project was to make a Wild Rumpus Vest. They were reading "Where The Wild Things Are". I wanna tell you, I think it was just as much fun for me as it was for her to make that vest. We got to be all kinds of creative. And it turned out great.

If you're lacking things to do with your kids to keep them occupied... make a Wild Rumpus Vest! Heck, have some friends bring their kids over and turn it into a vest making party. Ask everyone to bring supplies (like a potluck... but for crafts) and then help your kids create all kinds of papery fun things!

Get some big brown grocery bags from stores (or your cupboard if you save them). Cut them up the middle in the front and straight through the bottom, but obviously leave the back in one piece. Cut some space for the "neckhole" in the bottom as well, and then on both small sides for the arms and VOILA. All that needs to be done now is the decorating!

Once the decorating is done.... put the kiddies in their vests, put some music on the radio and parade them around the house/yard and have a blast!

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