Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's Gonna Work?

I apparently watch WAAAAAAAAAAAY too much television with my 2 year old.
I work for TMobile customer service and we have different color codes for the way call volume is for certain periods of time. If we have a few hundred people calling in at one time the code is called "Team Work". Basically means everyone mans their battle stations and has to be on the phone.

So last night and tonight we're in code "Team Work". And alllllll night I'm singing in my head "What's gonna work? TEEEEEEEEEEEEAM WORK..."

Whenever I have to get a Mandarin interpreter on the line for a customer who's not comfortable enough with their English, I'm picturing in my head a little cartoon girl with a big head and little ears and animals that talk and throw tantrums.

And the worst example yet ...

I fell asleep on the sofa this morning before having to get up and go to work. Lydia was watching LazyTown, and I was still somewhat conscious I suppose because I could hear the TV. I started dreaming that Robbie Rotten was trying to make out with me. It. Was. Gross. I knew I was dreaming and I kept trying to like... mentally slap myself awake... but I couldn't. What's worse is he was dressed up like a friggin doctor with one of those stupid things on his head that looks like a mini satellite dish.

This cannot happen again.

I watch way too many kids' shows.
Anyone else have any funny stories like these? Please someone tell me I'm not the only one.

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  1. Hahahahahaha! One of the blessing of not having a tv is I DON'T go through episodes like this!