Sunday, June 20, 2010

Reach For The Stars

Everyone should have ambitions. Even if they are truly unattainable and you're only setting the goal for fun.

Ok, let me rephrase...

Everyone should have practical goals. Ones that can be reached and then surpassed if the goal-ee (goalie? :-P) so chooses. But everyone should also have goals that are just completely out in left field and you know they're never going to happen but it's freaking fun to wish for. Ya know?

A lot of mom's I've talked to tell me that their goals and ambitions have either changed or disappeared since having children.

But why?

I mean, changing I can understand. But to have none at all? How is that possible.

You're telling me you don't strive for ANYTHING more than what you have right now?

I understand if you are happy with your life. If you are satisfied and content with everything that you currently have.

That's where the crazy ambitious probably-never-going-to-happen things come in.


I'll tell you what some of my goals in life are (crazy and otherwise).

1. To have wall to wall bookshelves in at least ONE room of whatever home I own in the future filled with fantasy novels. Seems like a silly ambition, but it's attainable. And it's been one of my "dreams" for a long time. I love to read. I love to read fantasy. I'll never own a house large enough for its own library, so the shelves will suffice.

1a. This is kind of an aside note.... I used to want my own fantasy book shop... but then I realized I could never sell the books. I'd want to keep them all. Hence, the library or bookshelves instead.

2. To be a photographer for National Geographic. This one that kind of falls in between the lines of attainable and out in left field. I'd have to have the money for the right equipment (right now all I have is the camera) and I've have to put together one killer portfolio. It's do-able, but with a lot more work on my part. Fair enough.

3. To meet Johnny Depp AS Captain Jack Sparrow. :-) There's not really a whole lot that I need to add to that.

4. To publish a childrens' story. Which, might also be attainable as I've already written 2 (and go figure, it was RIGHT after the entry I posted in here where I said I'd NEVER been able to come up with my own... my Lydia asked me to tell her a story and I was too comfortable to go get a book so I just made one up, and then did another one for my Alanna later that day) short ones, but again, that's the kind of goal that requires a LOT more work on my part. And a lot more research as to how to complete the process and what my next steps would be. Not really effort that I have the energy to put out right now.

5. To own a vintage toy shop. This is one of the crazy ones... I wish I could have a toy store, sans magical elements obviously, like you see in the movie Mr. Magoriums Wonder Imporium. I mean, how cute are the toys! And how SIMPLE. Toys that actually require YOU to use YOUR imagination. Toys that are timeless.

6. To play the roll of an unsub on the show Criminal Minds. Why the unsub? I don't know. It just seems like it would be an interesting roll. And I've got a wicked crush on Dr. Spencer Reid.

7. To learn how to play ALL of Moonlight Sonata on the piano. I can play the first bit of it, but I've never been coordinated to get the part where my right and left hands are playing one thing, and then my pinky finger has to go off and do it's own. It's just not as talented as the rest of my phalanges I suppose.

8. To become fluent in Sign Language. It's such a fun language to learn (I couldn't stand French after the first year and Spanish bored me... sorry) and I love learning it along side my kids.

And my newest ambition which might also require quite a bit of time, as I don't currently have the resources or probably the credit to acquire any type of significant loan...

9. I want to obtain a degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Forensic Psychology. I've been out of school for what seems like ages... and I've done NOTHING with what I've learned. At all. And I feel like my brain is rotting away. I want a profession (not just a job) that is actually FORCING me to use even just the smallest modicum of intelligence (and I mean this all aside from the crazy patience and knowledge and sense of humor and strength it takes to be a parent, that's in a class all it's own.... what I mean is I feel like my mommy brain has taken over the rest of my brain too.... and I want some of it back to use for myself :-P if that makes sense)

So I've got some completely "wtf" stuff in there right? Right. But that's ok. Even if I never achieve it, it's fun to think of it. Like when you're a little kid and you dream of being a faerie princess. Can you actually sprout wings and fly? Probably not (I know, I've tried). But it's fun to imagine the possibilities right? That's all I'm saying.


  1. I also have a dream of a house with my study and desk and wall to wall books and bookshelves.

  2. I love self help and spiritual new age books. As well as detective novels.

    What books do you like?

  3. I read mainly fantasy novels. But I love the James Patterson and Jonathan Kellerman crime novels as well. I don't generally buy anything but fantasy, but if someone gives me a book, I'll read it, no matter what it is.