Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Toddlers In Tiaras

I'm not exactly sure how to begin or even how to word most of this post.

I have found that most little people who are entered in pageants aren't entered because it's something they're dying to do because, let's face it, what 2 year old can difinitively tell you "Mommy I want to model, enter me in a pageant" and know 100% what they're talking about without having first received "coaching" from a parent.

Granted, there are some little girls who are genuinely excited at the prospect of pageants and winning and all of the glitz and glamour that goes along with them, and that's fine... but the little girls who can't stand them, and only pull it together so they don't disappoint their parents, that's not fine.

Why are we making our children up to look like they're adults? Why am I seeing 6 year olds who are wearing more makeup on their face for one pageant than I have ever worn in my entire life? Why are we telling them that they have to compete against other little girls to prove who's prettier? How is it that a 2 year olds greatest ambition is to become Miss USA? I mean SERIOUSLY. Do they even know WHAT Miss USA is?!?

If you go here and watch through to... clip number 4 I think it is, this woman doesn't even have girls. She has boys. And she's entering her boys into pageants, because she wishes they were girls. Really? It's got nothing to do with these kids and EVERYTHING to do with their PARENTS.

Like I said, I know there are some kids who do enjoy pageants so if you have one of those children, this is not directed at you, so please don't take offense.

But to force your children in to competition because you're living vicariously through them when they don't even want to DO it, or when they're too young to even understand what's going on.... there just aren't really words to describe that. Now I know that the television show Toddlers In Tiaras is not all of the children who join pageants. I know that it's just a small handful. But that show makes me sick to my stomach. Why does a 4 year old need an adjustment from a chiropractor?!?!? And to bribe them with video games if they win? Whatever happened to an "I'm proud of you, you were wonderful and you did your best"? When did it become "I promised her the game if she won queen, because I knew she wasn't going to win the high point"?

I know I'm all over the place with this one, but this sort of thing makes me angry. I'm angry for these little people. I'm angry at their parents who push them into this just because it's something THEY want them to do. It really does make me sick watching this sort of thing. It's absolutely horrible.

Friday, December 17, 2010

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

What is the Christmas Holiday for you?

For my family, Christmas represents the birth of Christ. The beginning of our road to salvation. Now, while this should be something that's taught to our children throughout the year, it still provides the perfect opportunity to teach our young ones about Jesus. That Christmas isn't all about presents.

Now, with that being said... I do enjoy some of the more commercial aspect of Christmas. Decorating the Christmas tree with my kids. Buying them a few gifts that they've been asking for all year. Christmas means time with family. It means Christmas dinner with relatives I didn't know I had. It means Christmas specials on TV....

Christmas Carols/Hymns/Songs (traditional or not)....

Christmas is a time for giving. For being together. For excitement. For being humbled.

It's no one thing to everyone. It's different things to so many people.

What is Christmas to you?