Sunday, March 21, 2010

Like... Oh My Gosh. No Way!

It's ok to be immature when you're a mom.

Sure there are situations that require you to step up and be the adult that's denoted by your age. But you don't have to be that way all the time. I've been on both sides of the "you're kidding me" fence with that one. Like really? You want me to play WHAT with my kids? I have to behave like WHAT kind of animal? Why? And then... on the other side... I like Barbie movies. Especially the musicals. Haha. So you catch me singing the songs more than my kids. I can do the Wiggles "Hot Potato" dance with the best of them. And my girls and my neices LOVE it when I jump on the trampoline with them because it bounces them WAAAAAY up in the air.

It's ok to not be the mom that sits back on the porch sipping a wine cooler in the shade while your kid plays in the yard. There is no rule that says when you become a mother you give up the right to be immature. Thank God for that. Because I love shamelessly beating my 7 year old at Candyland as often as I can. Course there's the flip side that she always kicks my butt doing the Wii Fit obstacle course. But I'm getting better. I swear.

Is there anything WRONG with being a mature adult who doesn't like to get their hands dirty runnin around after kiddos? No. Not at all. But there's also nothing wrong with chasing kids with caterpillars either. :-P


  1. I took four young ladies (*snort*) to Gifford's yesterday. When one got home she told her mom "Mrs. Groovy is so fun. She doesn't act like a grown up at ALL!"

    I take that as high praise from an 11 year-old!