Sunday, March 21, 2010

Being A Mom

Ever had a toddler climb up on a chair. Or on a coffee table. And then tell you they're going to jump? You sit there and sternly tell them "Oh no you're not. Get down. NO. DO NOT JUMP OFF THE COFFEE TABLE. STOP!!!" And they've not paid attention to one word you've said. They look at you and laugh and then take flight. Yep.
You know why?
They have no fear.
You know why?
Because they know that you are going to catch them. They know that you won't let them do a swan dive off the kitchen table onto the floor. Because you're mom. You won't let them fall. At least not for a long time.
The first few months after they've learned to walk, you chase after them trying to keep their cute little faces from getting knicked and scratched as they tumble to the floor. If they don't have to hit the ground, then by golly they won't! Because whatever it takes to stop them, you'll do it.
Sometimes being a mom doesn't mean that they won't fall. But that they know you will be there to help them back up when they do.
Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, depending on who you are) you can't walk in your child's shadow forever. Waiting to catch them if they trip. Or grab the back of their jacket to stop them from smacking the pavement. Sometimes they have to fall. You know they're going to. And I know it breaks your heart to see them in pain. But 99% of the time? They're ok. They just want to know that you're there. And that you'll make it better.
Sometimes being a mom means that when they do fall... you laugh. Not to be mean... but to show them that it wasn't as bad a tumble as they thought it was. If you don't "OH MY GOSH ARE YOU OK WHERE ARE YOU HURT IS SOMETHING BROKEN?!?!?!?" then they won't really even care. They'll see you laughing. And they laugh. Throw in an "oopsie" or a "BONK" and they might even repeat after you. Or start saying it on their own. They have to know that not every fall is going to break them.
And they look to you to let them know what kind of fall they've had. Being a mom means catching them when the fall could do some serious damage, helping them up if they've been bumped and bruised, and letting them know that it's not that bad... they'll be ok, heck they might even laugh at it later. And yes, I'm not JUST talking about clumsy toddlers. :-) Good job.

Everyone has the same kinds of falls. Some of them just don't include eating pavement.

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