Monday, September 13, 2010

Let Me Educate You

Since becoming a mom I have learned several things. I'm sure I've already made a post similar to this in the past, and because I can't remember exactly where in my blog it is, some of these may very well be repeats. I'm sorry.

I have learned:

Your kids generally prefer your bed. Not because it's bigger, softer, fluffier, or has better blankets. They wouldn't care if it was a sofa or a sleeping bag. Wherever YOU are is fine with them.

Not to expect your kids to be like you. Because they are their own people. And if you try and turn them in to miniature versions of you (on purpose or subconsciously) you will be disappointed. And they will be upset to disappoint you. So let them be their own person.

It doesn't matter where you are, if your kid wants to put their head up your shirt, they will, at least, make the attempt. Whether this be in the privacy of your own living room, or in the customer service line at Walmart.

If you let your kids wipe water or shampoo out of their eyes with your shirt, they will proceed to wipe everything ELSE on your clothes as well. So you may end up going to work with a frosted handprint on your back and not know it.

Kids are incredibly Is that a word? Anyways. Don't let your feelings about a person negatively effect (affect?) how your CHILD views that person. Your kids don't have to hate everyone you do. Because I can guarantee you, they won't know why they do.

A little dirt never hurt anyone. If you're outside playing with your kids (and believe me, this one was hard for me) it's ok if they get a little dirty. I was covered in grass stains from the time I was 5 until I learned how to do my own laundry. Dirt isn't going to hurt anything (unless of course, that dirt is actually dog poop, because people walking their pets down the sidewalk infront of your apartment don't pick up after them).

So, that is all the wisdom I have to impart upon you all today. I am almost done with my lunch break so it's back to work for me. Then only 4.75 hours and I'm off for 2 days!

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