Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Apple Has Jumped to Another Tree

Be still my beating heart.

The day before yesterday, my 7 year old told me...

Sorry, gimme a minute...

::takes a deep breath::

That... she hates.... to read.


Imagine that. My child. My offspring. Heart of my heart. Flesh of my flesh. My first born...

She doesn't like to read.


She says that its... get this... BORING.

Well, duh... I hated reading when it came to schoolwork TOO. Took me THREE WEEKS to get past page 1 of Les Miserables. Well, not really to get past it, but to remember what had happened after the first page. And I couldn't STAND 1984. Course, I didn't read all of that one either. I skimmed through it. I can't stand it when something I LOVE becomes a chore... or work.

So I don't know if it's just the fact that she has to read as homework for school or what.

But seriously.

Me. I have a child that for the moment, does not like books! Can you IMAGINE the horror.

After getting her all those Junie B Jones books and The Velveteen Rabbit and I don't know how many countless other's she's gotten, she tells me NOW that she doesn't like to read.

I keep trying to convince her that she secretly loves it.

I don't think I've been successful.


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  1. That IS hard to believe! I thought she would have come out with a book in hand! Have faith...I bet she will love recreational reading as much as her mama!