Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bieber Fever

::hangs head::

Crow really doesn't taste very well.

My sister and I took our kids to go see Never Say Never with Justin Bieber yesterday.

Let me tell you that before this movie, I thought he was THE MOST annoying, over-rated teenybopping boy in the entire world.

BEFORE I watched the movie.

I must say, I am now a Justin Bieber fan.

I know I KNOW. What in the world is wrong with me right? Seriously though, this kid is amazing. He was the most adorable little boy and to see him bangin on those drums THAT GOOD when he was barely out of diapers was unbelievable. And he really can sing. Not only that but he's a sweet kid. And HOW MANY PERFORMERS do you see praying ALL THE TIME and MEANING it. Not throwing God at the end of a long list of thank yous. But really thanking Him and meaning every word of that thanks.

Bottom line. Kid is talented. He still sounds WAY too young, but he doesn't bug me anymore. The movie has turned me.


  1. I wanna see that movie! I have seen several interviews and I think he's precious! My daughter's dance class did a dance to that "Baby, Baby" song, so I walk around singing it all the time. I just love him! And when he thanks God, it just makes me heart smile. Love him!

  2. It's a really great movie. I'm glad I went!