Saturday, July 10, 2010

Welcome Home

I came in from work tonight at around 12:30. Walked in to the bathroom and found that my Lydia had torn apart almost the entire paper towel roll and put it in the toilet.

LUCKILY I had purchased rubber gloves for dishwashing (yes, because seriously, my dishwasher is HORRIBLE (I've run the dishes that are in there about 5 times, still dirty) and I can't stand touching food that's gotten wet and gross and.... nevermind ::shudders::) and was able to fish them out and deposit them in to a handy dandy Walmart shopping bag just in time to hear....

"Moooooommmmmyyyyyyy..... I have to pooooootttttttty!" Ah, the tired whine mixed with the urgency of a leaking bladder. You gotta love it.

It's the first time she's ever woken herself up in the middle of the night to pee.


And it's been over 2 weeks since she's even wet her diaper at night.


So, after the potty success came the hysterical crying. She was either really tired or... well, I don't know what. And then the... "I'm hungry! I'm hungry! I'm firsty!" Followed by "But I'm scared of my room!" And the killer... "But mommy I want you! PLEASE!"

So I'm a pushover.

She was hungry. She's a picky eater and generally tries to wait until bedtime to decide "Oh yeah, maybe I should have finished my dinner." So, mommy made sandwiches. And we ate them while we finished Harry Potter on HBO. She snuggled up to my side. She likes the fact that I'm squishy. Makes me a comfortable pillow. And the next thing I knew... eyes were closed.

I sat for a minute longer and then....

"Mommy you should sleep too. Like me."

So I close my eyes.

"No! Not like that!"

And then her eyes closed. Again.

She opened them up again long enough to hop back in to bed and say "Good night mommy... I wuv you."

Sometimes it's ok to let them stay up just a little bit longer with you.

And I'll never get tired of hearing "I want my mommy" or "I love you".

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