Thursday, July 8, 2010

Allow Me To Introduce.... Myself

So, I'm a few months into this blog without an actual formal introduction (in which there will be nothing really formal about it, but I like how it sounds).

My name is Tara. Which is definitely visible over there on the side of the screen in my short but sweet "profile". I'm 27 years old and I have 2 beautiful little girls. Perfect, glowing little angels. ::cough:: Ahem. What was I saying? Oh yes... little angels.

My oldest is Alanna Noël. She was born in January of 2003 making her a whopping 7.5 right now. Still hard to believe. She's just finished up the first grade and has an affinity for board games like her mama. And loves loves LOVES to watch iCarly, Victorious, Suitet Life On Deck, Big Time Rush, and (this one is totally my fault) America's Next Top Model. She can sing almost word for word every song from Phantom of the Opera (also my fault) and has proclaimed her new favorite movie to be Avatar (do I really even need to own up to this one?). She took ballet and tap for 2.5 years, dabbled in gymnastics, and went and watched jiu jitsu once. She loves to be in the water and acts way too grown up for her own good. Oh, and it's her fault I know all the Barbie songs I sing on a now daily basis. Yep.... alllllll her fault.

Lydia is my second oldest. Also known as my youngest. She will be in just under 2 months and I believe is now completely potty trained. Yay! Anyways. SHE is obsessed with Wow Wow Wubbzy, LazyTown (which I don't mind, because Sportacus is hot), Little Bear, and Barbie. Unlike Alanna, she never really got in to the Disney Princesses all that much, or the Wiggles (and believe me, I was just HEART broken over that one... I don't think I could have "done the monkey" one more time without keeling over). She likes to make towers out of DVDs and toilet paper. LOVES eating yogurt with her finger. Considers cheese a meal (ok, so that's my fault too). And it's always "sing me one more song" when I put her to bed at night.

So, back to me. Yes, I'm that selfish. I work in a T-Mobile call center. And believe me, it is the most stressful job I have ever worked in my entire life. I love the people that I work with, but the people that I have to talk to on the phone? Most of the I can live without. Not everyone has figured out that you get more flies with honey than with vinegar (although, if I was a fly, I'd go for the vinegar, I'm strange like that....just sayin). Most days I dread going in to work, but that could also be because I have a phobia of being on the phone. Seriously. I used to be one of those girls that could talk your ear off for hours. Now? No thanks. You can text me. Picked a great job didn't I?


I'm a nerd. It's still up in the air as to what kind of nerd, but I'd consider myself a book nerd. And a band geek. Even if I haven't played in an actual band since about 2004. I played the clarinet from the time I was 11 to the time I was 21. It used to be one of my aspirations to play in an orchestra. I'm good, but I'm not that good. Marching band was fun though. More fun than I wanted to admit for the longest time, but it was great. Lots of good friends came out of that.

I'm a Christian. I currently attend Faith Evangelical Free Church here and I've never felt like a church was more my home until I found this one. And it wasn't always that way. I didn't start regularly attending church until last August. And believe you me, getting motivated to get up early every Sunday, even if it's to the later service, was HARD. I hadn't been to church more than a few times a YEAR before that since I was probably 19? 20? Can't remember.

Here's the part that people sometimes have trouble reconciling with the bit of information I shared in the last paragraph. I love tattoos. I currently have 8 of them. But every single one of them is special to me and important. They all have a story that goes along with them. Even if it was done as a spur of the moment thing, there's still meaning behind it. My tattoos, in order from my first back in 2001:

Winged Unicorn on my right ankle, Flowers/Ribbon on my lower back, Celtic Shamrock between my shoulder blades, ALANNA (in grafitti) on my ribcage, the world "Forgiven" on my left wrist, a Phoenix on my right shoulder, DogTags (in memory of my older brother, Jeff) on my left foot, and Matthew 11:28-30 and Psalm 34:18 (not the verses themselves, just the reference) on my right wrist.

I have plans for so many more but obviously they are also require paper that has monetary value and I am currently not overflowing with that sort of paper.

I am obsessed with spicy foods and with sour things. I dip buffalo chicken strips in extra buffalo sauce because it's not hot enough without it. I eat ONLY hot and spicy pickles, I have not had a regular dill pickle since.... WAAAAAAAAAAAAY before I had Alanna. I love sour skittles. I will eat the sour skittles and then make sure I get all of the sour-y salt at the bottom of the bag after the skittles are gone. And war heads? Eat em 2 of 3 at a time. Yum.

I read a lot. A LOT. Like I said, I'm a book nerd. I have 10 books at least on my desk at work and have picked up 4 new books in the last 2 weeks (I've already finished 2 of them). I can go through a 600 + book in just a couple days. That's one of the things I love about myself. Is that I can never pass up a good book. Ever. I know people who can't STAND reading and I just cannot fathom the concept of never sitting down and opening up a hardcover or paperback and just reading. Even if it's only for a couple of minutes.

I am not a cat person. I'm a dog person. I've had dogs my entire life. I left behind 4 rottweilers when I moved from VA to ME. And now? I have 2 cats. And I love them. I don't know if I'll ever like anyone else's cats still.... but I love mine. They're names are Vasper (he's about a year and a half old) and Cinderella (she's about 3 monts? maybe a bit less...). They love each other (after a few days of Vasper HATING her and HISSING at her and Cinderella hiding under the sofa until someone came to save her.

I'm not a very good spectator when it comes to sports. I can't stand to watch them on television. But I love to watch them in person. Of course, I'd rather be playing than anything else. I played roller hockey and ice hockey from the age of about 14-23. Greatest sport I've ever played. I've also played softball. Middle school, highschool, and then a church league. I've attempted soccer. I played for a "spoof" team called "Team Combat Boots". We wore red camoflauge jerseys and our team, all but 1 person just about, was made up of roller hockey players who had no idea what they were doing.

I loooooove singing comedians. Heck, I love any comedian who is actually FUNNY. I don't care where they got their stuff from, as long as it makes me laugh when they say it. Stephen Lynch, Jeff Dunham, Dane Cook, Jim Gaffigan, Dimitri Martin, and Red Skelton are some of my absolute FAVORITES. Seriously, anyone who can make me laugh until I cry is a hero in my book.

So yeah, that's my "intro". It's still a little bit abridged. But I figure I've give you all enough information to skip over for now. :-) I'm sure I'll be revealing more in later entries.

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