Friday, December 17, 2010

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

What is the Christmas Holiday for you?

For my family, Christmas represents the birth of Christ. The beginning of our road to salvation. Now, while this should be something that's taught to our children throughout the year, it still provides the perfect opportunity to teach our young ones about Jesus. That Christmas isn't all about presents.

Now, with that being said... I do enjoy some of the more commercial aspect of Christmas. Decorating the Christmas tree with my kids. Buying them a few gifts that they've been asking for all year. Christmas means time with family. It means Christmas dinner with relatives I didn't know I had. It means Christmas specials on TV....

Christmas Carols/Hymns/Songs (traditional or not)....

Christmas is a time for giving. For being together. For excitement. For being humbled.

It's no one thing to everyone. It's different things to so many people.

What is Christmas to you?

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