Monday, May 2, 2011

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

I'm going to be an auntie again!

My sister in law is currently in labor right now with my nephew Carter! It's their first child and my 5th nephew. :-)

I had a bit of an issue though when it came to shopping for a shower gift. I've never actually purchased a gift for a little boy. And when I say little I mean infant. I've bought my other nephews Dragon Ball Z toys, Transformers, etc. But a baby? I had NO idea. Every little item of clothing that I saw was cute, but not cute enough. I didn't know what to get as far as toys were concerned. And I couldn't find a THING to match their nursery theme.


SO... what I did was shop for his mommy instead.

I figured I'd give you guys a few ideas what you can get as shower gifts when clothes and toys fail you like they failed me. Hehe.

Bottom Butter (or Desitin or ButtPaste or Bottom Paste, etc). It's a diaper rash ointment/preventative made by Palmer's. I personally chose this because it helps baby butts but doesn't have that awful smell like some diaper rash cremes do. It spreads easy, it's not as messy, and it's moisture-proof.

Travel baby wipe containers. They're useful because they don't take up too much room, but still carry those life-saving babywipes. With my first, I used plastic baggies because I didn't feel like carrying those HUGE baby wipe containers. With Lydia, though, I used the travel containers a lot more. And a lot of them have cute little designs like this one over here. And doing a google search, I see a lot of people customize their own with cute little fabrics, or letter stickers so they can personalize them for their little ones.

This little gem right here is a Fisher Price Precious Planet Bath Kneeler Knee Pad. WOW. That was a mouthful. I never had one of these beauties, but I did buy one for Kearsten to use when she gives little Carter his tubbies. This is going to make me sound old but... my knees kill me. Ok so not literally, but they like to stop working when I need to stand up. Kneeling on the floor to bathe babies can take a toll on you. One that's absolutely preventable. This definitely provides a more cushy alternative.

Scratch mittens. We've all seen babies with their precious little fingernails on their tiny little fingers. And we've all seen babies with scratches and knicks and what not from scratching their poor little faces with those fingernails. Scratch mittens obviously help prevent that. I say help because we all know how good babies are at some how maneuvering in a way that everything that's not buttoned down falls off.

Those are just a few goodies, but if you're ever in the need for shower gift ideas and just don't know what to get, these work for little girls as well of course. Hope that helps someone with gift buying block. :-) If I can save anyone from walking around a store for 2 hours without a thing in their cart like I did, I will.

Happy Monday!

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  1. Hi all,

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