Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Everywhere You Go a Smiling Face

I have a confession to make...
My children are victims of my nostalgia.

Some of their favorite cartoons to watch.... were my favorite cartoons to watch. Lydia loves Scooby Doo and Care Bears. Alanna had Rainbow Brite drawn on her wall (courtesy of ME, uh-thank you). They both are (or at least were, Alanna's a tad too old now) head over heels for My Little Pony.
Heck, Lydia and I spent hours once online trying to find names for the ponies she has (many of which were passed down from her sister) that we either couldn't remember, or never knew the names to. And I really wish I had written some of them down, because I don't remember where I found them or what they were... so if she asks me I'm gonna have to look again.

Granted the cartoons aren't the same as they were back in the 80s/90s... but that's ok. As long as they like everything that I like (totally kidding). It makes it fun to watch together. Because they can't figure out how Mommy knows the songs from beginning to end in the brand new movies that they've just gotten and haven't ever seen before.

Maybe it's because I know these cartoons are safe. Because I've seen them. Maybe it's just because I miss being a kid, and watching them with my parents. Maybe it's because I want to watch them with my kids the way my parents watched them with me. I don't know. Maybe it's a mix of all 3 of those things together. I'm trying to live the best parts of my childhood vicariously through Alanna and Lydia. Guilty as charged.

I miss the times when things were simple. When watching cartoons was the hardest part of my day. Haha. So maybe it's me trying to bring some of that simplicity back into my life. Honestly, I don't know. But my children reap the benefits of DVD buying binges with cutesy 80s cartoons so there's not really a whole lot to complain about there.

What was your favorite thing to watch as a child? What do your kids watch now that you loved when you were little?


  1. Bionic woman! My youngest was so enthralled with her that I found a Bionic Woman costume on Ebay one year and she went as her.